Ensure only valid addresses enter your database. Verify user addresses against third-party sources in 200+ countries and territories.

Validate And Verify Customer Addresses

Comply with regulatory mandates and reduce fines by performing address verification. Verify that the address entered online is free from errors, typos, faulty house numbers, wrong postal code, or incorrect formatting. Attain our address verification service to verify customer addresses in seconds with global databases.  

Address Validation To Verify The Client’s Residence 

Determine if the address provided by the user is valid and really exists. We have databases from countries across the world to help you detect the real ones. Be it business address or residential, get it verified to reduce chargebacks and fines.  

Prevent Faulty Addresses From Hitting Your Lists

Verify if the person being authenticated actually resides at the address mentioned in the ID document. Our address verification solution ensures that only legitimate addresses make it onto your database. It checks the validity of the address, legality of the ID document (is real & not forged), and format of the address. Having the right address list, you can reach your customers effectively.

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Why idverificationservices? 

KYC/AML Compliance

KYC/AML requirements differ in each region, country, or territory. With our address validation service, establish proof of the user’s residency by validating addresses mentioned in their verifiable ID documents. Authenticate them with independent global data sources and meet KYC/AML regulations across the world. 


Minimize Frauds

Check residential proof provided by the user through our address verification service and minimize address fraud. Establishing proof of address will help to combat shipment fraud and mail rerouting. 


Enhance User Experience

Address verification software built with OCR technology accurately captures the user’s address from the identity document and autofill the fields needed in verification instantly. It checks the details along with the standard format. Low friction, easy process, and reduced processing time provide a better user experience.  

Onboard Legitimate Customers

Verify the user-provided address with digital address verification solutions in real-time. Our service gets only approved customers with valid addresses. It matches the residential details submitted by the user with the address mentioned in the government-issued ID document. 


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