Create an age-restricted gateway with fully automated identity verification services.

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Secure Age Verification Service

Knowing your clients has become more difficult with the consistently rising online fraud. We provide you with leading digital solutions to onboard only honest customers. It verifies the user’s personal details as mentioned in government-issued identity documents against the database stored. Verify your user’s age confidently and ensure your services reach the right people.

  •  Real-time customer verification
  • Determine minimum age limit
  •  Comply with required regulatory obligations
  • AI-powered technology
  •  Flexible SDKs and API
  • Approved GDPR standard

Protect Your Brand Reputation With Instant Age Verification

Maintain your company integrity by adhering to age-verification regulations and mitigate risks of reputational damage. The client you are providing services can fall foul of legitimacy and legality. Whether you are running a casino or dealing in the online gaming industry, knowing a customer’s age is a necessity. Giving access to underage accounts can cost you severe loss of reputation in addition to huge fines. 

  •  Ongoing monitoring
  •  Automated age verification services
  •  95% takedown success rate
  •  Maximize fake account identification

Comply With FDA Age Regulations/State Laws

Integrate your system with well-managed age verification solutions to stay compliant with regulatory mandates. All vendors dealing in age-restricted services/products are required to comply with laws. This is to stop users from accessing particular content and prevent identity fraud, data breaches, and account takeovers.

  •  Reduced financial/reputational risks
  •  No hefty fines
  • 100% privacy protected
  • No minor exploitation

Simplify Age Verification Process

We provide you with a completely automated identity verification software, leaving no loopholes for minors to access the age-restricted content. It keeps fraudulent identities away who are trying to enter your business entity using fake accounts. It instantly verifies users by facilitating frictionless onboarding. 

  • Fast identity verification
  • Immediate results
  • Reduced errors
  • Hassle-free process – no friction

Protect Your Users From Fraudulent Attacks

Leverage benefits of AI-backed age verification software and prevent underage sales of services and products. Online age verification can help safeguard minors from attacks on digital platforms. 

  • Customer Due Diligence/Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Quick client screening
  • Rapid onboarding
  • KYC/AML compliance

How It Works?

  1. Extract the user’s Date of Birth from government-issued ID documents
  2. Authenticate the user’s identity by facial recognition
  3. Retrieve results of biometric verification
  4. Verify data against already stored global data sources
  5. Assured match results


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