Identity Verification For Gaming Industry

Verify the player's age, prevent cybercriminals from onboarding, and accelerate sign-up rates.

Authenticate ID Documents, Verify Age of Players

Allowing underage gambling can put operators at high risk and could cost them hefty fines. For gaming or gambling companies, idverificationservices help to meet regulatory obligations and verify players. Our identity verification solutions further help gaming operators to build online trust by verifying the age of players securely and protecting their personal details. 

  • Automated process
  • AI-powered technology 
  • End-to-end verification solutions
  • Definitive results

Reduce Online Gaming Fraud

Know your players and mitigate the risk of stolen identities or fake ID documents while opening an account. Age verification software integrated by gambling sites, online casinos, and betting companies can help them prevent vulnerable situations. 

  • Secure regulatory compliance
  • Accurate age verification
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Reduced errors

Identity Verification Solutions That Deters Underage Players’ Activity

Integrate our identity verification software solutions and leverage the following benefits. 

KYC/AML Compliance

Comply with anti-fraud regulations including KYC and AML to prevent financial and reputational loss. Integrate ID verification solutions into your system to comply with these stringent regulations and operate smoothly. 

Improve Player Acquisitions

Quick identity verification and uninterrupted gaming or gambling experience keep players engaged. A simple, streamlined onboarding process delivers a better user experience and results in increased account conversions. 

Deter Fraud

Ensure your customers are who they say they are with the KYC verification solution. Identify suspicious activities and prevent account takeover, payment fraud, and ID theft. 

Onboard Quickly

Get players on board in seconds and lower user frustration. Real-time identity verification reduces the processing time and eliminates friction. 

Prevent Underage Gaming

Verify the player and keep underage people out. Age verification is necessary to validate each new player, detect bad actors at the start, and prevent vulnerable situations. 

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