Cryptocurrency & Identity Verification

Identity verification services to help crypto companies strike a balance between security, compliance, and convenience.

Create A Safe Digital Crypto Platform, Mark Enormous Growth 

Integrate our identity verification solutions to your system and facilitate users to transact securely. Perform stringent ID checks and stop fraudsters from creating fake accounts, account takeovers, and empty wallets of coins. Secure ID proofing helps the industry raise the market credibility that customers and regulators demand. If you are a crypto company dealing with digital currency, our robust identity verification services can help you identify the user and safeguard assets. 

Frictionless Account Sign Up And Onboarding

ID verification solutions offer a seamless onboarding experience and prevent customers from abandoning the services. It creates a balance between security and convenience to deliver a better user experience when opening accounts, logging in, or trading in securities. Identity verification facilitates a quick onboarding process, enabling users to open an account, make a trade, or transfer coins in the wallet with minimal friction involved. 

ID Verification Solutions For Cryptocurrency Industry

Integrate our identity verification software solutions and leverage the following benefits. 

Meet Regulatory Obligations

Dealing in virtual currency requires meeting regulatory measures to avoid hefty fines and charges. Our AML/KYC solutions will help you comply with mandatory regulations in real-time. 

Reduce Fraud 

Instill security measures within your cryptocurrency community and keep fraudsters out. Robust anti-fraud measures are vital for crypto exchanges to build online trust and perform scalable operations.

Onboard Customers Faster

AI-integrated ID verification solutions help crypto companies onboard good customers rapidly. It lowers abandonment rates and allows customers to perform transactions quickly. 

Improve Security 

Risk-based approach and fraud prevention services reduce the risk of payment fraud and account takeovers. ID verification services enable meeting security and compliance needs to be required by users while trading online. 

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