Detect impersonation and deter fraud related to fake IDs and stolen identities. Identify spoofing attacks simply by verifying the user through a selfie.

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Monitor High-Risk Transactions Easily

Perform biometric face recognition to monitor risks involved in transactions made by your clients. Manage the risk levels simply by the act of asking users to submit a selfie. Our biometric authentication solutions safeguard your client’s account by preventing data breaches, identity fraud, and account takeover.  

Seamless Face Verification With No Friction Involved

Our face detection online services accelerate the verification process. It works with a selfie approach that takes just a second to check the person’s authenticity. Frictionless processes and easy-to-follow actions lend a better user experience. Having a face recognition system in place, you can get definitive results with 99% accuracy and no false positives. Anti-spoofing measures rightly deployed increase the conversions and cut off the drop-offs. 

No-Risk Of Compromised Passwords/OTPs 

Face-based biometric authentication is a more reliable verification process as compared to OTPs and traditional passwords. Verifying a person with live capture ensures that the person logging in is a genuine account holder. Online face verification solutions eliminate the risks of account takeovers through leaked passwords, cracked security codes, and hacked systems. 

AI-powered Face Recognition Technology To Deter Fraud

Improved online identity verification services are crucial for maintaining security and knowing legitimate customers. Our face verification service renders the benefits of enhanced security and fraud prevention. AI-integrated technology provides customers with a secure verification process, quick onboarding method, and minimized processing time. 

Prevent Presentation Attacks By Liveness Detection 

Synchronized with facial recognition, liveness detection checks, if the biometric data extracted, is of a living content present behind the screen. Integrate biometric verification solutions to your system and attain diverse benefits of identity verification. Ensure the integrity of biometrics captured and verify the real presence of a client. Stop scammers from spoofing face recognition systems through presentation attacks.  


How Does Face Verification Work?

  • Ask the user to upload a government-issued ID document
  • Request a selfie from the user logging in
  • Match the selfie with the photo in the identity document
  • Verification answer


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