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As more companies experience crippling data breaches, the wave of fraudulent activities is on the steady rise. To limit the risks related to security breaches, it’s essential to check if the details provided by your clients are real. Our AI-backed ID verification services facilitate quick identity verification using document authentication and biometric verification (liveness detection, facial recognition). Our advanced verification solutions will enable you to conduct seamless remote customer onboarding, age verification, and fraud prevention.


Identity Verification Solutions

Identity Verification

Amid a steady rise in online theft and account takeovers, identify and validate your customers in real-time. Monitor transactions, mitigate risks and deter fraud.

KYC/AML Compliance

KYC/AML Compliance

Maintain compliance, detect suspicious activities using AI-powered AML/KYC software and ongoing customer monitoring solutions.

ID Document Verification

Document Verification

Protect your business by authenticating proof of address, bank statements, social security card details submitted by the user.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

Ensure the client you are onboarding is a primary account holder. Perform face verification and check the user’s legitimacy in seconds.

Address Verification

Address Verification

Validate, verify addresses with third-party data sources across the globe. Check the format of user address, determine its validity and deter fraud in real-time.

Age Verification

Age Verification

Verify the age of your clients and stop them from accessing age-restricted content. Identify high-risk transactions with streamlined solutions.


Fraud Prevention

Identify Red Flags

Detect suspicious activities, identify potential threats before getting clients on board. Perform online identity verification checks to eliminate risks and fight fraud.
Remain GDPR Compliant

Meet Regulatory Mandates

Comply with regulatory obligations to prevent hefty fines and reputational damage. Discover real-time KYC/AML solutions to strengthen compliance and screen customers seamlessly.
Maximize Conversions

Optimize Account Openings

Improve conversion rates by verifying customers instantly. Integrate a fully automated ID verification process to provide a convenient, satisfactory user experience.
Global Identity Verification Solutions

Global Reach

Access extensive data sources to verify identities by matching against third-party sources. We support 2000+ ID document types across the globe.
Reduce False Positives

Accurate Verification Results

Automated processes and reduced manual efforts provide accurate identity verification results. Our AI-powered ID verification solutions will help you verify users in seconds and give assured results.
Onboarding Honest Customers

Onboard Good Customers Faster

Streamline your customer onboarding process with online identity verification. Meet your customer’s expectations by having a frictionless process at your end.

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