Monitor transactions, assess the potential risk, and screen clients against PEP, OFAC lists.

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Real-time Identity Verification

KYC in banking and other industries has become quite simpler, faster with the advent of online identity verification services. Authenticating the user involved in financial transactions reduces risk by 4x and prevents online fraud. Users when verified rightly, help you to fight fraud, onboard more clients, drive conversions, better results, and higher revenues.

Get To Know Your Customers Instantly

Meet AML/KYC compliance needs, perform identity checks and KYC verification to detect suspected scammers and deter fraud. Screen and monitor clients in a timely manner with reduced false positives. Integrate our ID verification solution to your system, develop a reliable CIP (Customer Identification Program), maintain CDD (customer due diligence) and bring about ongoing monitoring.

Maintain AML KYC Compliance Globally

To meet KYC regulations, all you need is KYC/AML solutions that balance well between user experience and fraud prevention. We bring you PnP AML CFT compliance software to help strengthen compliance. Our comprehensive AML solutions safeguard you against hefty charges by ensuring that you stay compliant with country-specific rules (FINRA, AML/CTF, etc.). 

Scale Faster With End-to-End KYC/AML Solutions

We enable assessing third-party risks and mitigating them seamlessly. Our comprehensive KYC software support over 2000+ ID document types from more than 100+ countries and territories. It ensures rapid, assured verification results and high deliverability. We promptly update about the red flags detected and address findings in real-time. This identifies the real identity of users from the start and prevents fraud.

Accelerate Customer Onboarding

Get your users on board in seconds as our digital KYC solutions offer a frictionless process. It uses liveness technology and biometric authentication to determine the identity of customers rapidly. With KYC obligations met, streamlined onboarding will boost approval rates and dramatically cut off user abandonments. Attain key benefits of enhanced user experience and fast onboarding. 


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