Online ID Verification & Healthcare

Verify patients, offer them enhanced healthcare services with AI-integrated identity verification solutions.

Identity Verification For Telehealth

The present wave of digital transformation has influenced medical institutes to shift from physical checkups to telehealth services. But, this evolution comes with its own risks. Digital platforms experience fake patient IDs, payment fraud, and a few more similar issues.

Our AI-integrated identity verification solutions help healthcare institutions to determine the identity of their online patients. Regardless of the geographical boundaries, it verifies patients across the globe. 

Know The Legitimacy Of Patients 

Forged account sign-ups and fraudulent entries pose severe risks to the healthcare industry. The fact that medical records are registered, shared, and accessed online gives a massive spike in cases of data breaches and cyberattacks. It makes it necessary for institutes to take the right security measures to protect patient’s privacy. To prevent fraud, institutions need to authenticate that patients are who they say they are. Our identity verification solutions securely assess the possible risks and navigate patient fraud. It prevents fraudsters from stealing identities for receiving medical insurance or submitting claims. 

Identity Verification Solutions For Healthcare Sector

Integrate our identity verification software solutions and leverage the following benefits. 

Check For Valid Patients

Ensure you give access to the actual patient and prevent getting attacked by impersonated identities. Verify the identity of remote patients and ensure you give prescriptions to valid patients only. 

Simplify Registration Process

Improve the quality of patient service with a quick, simple registration process. Boost efficiency and reduce time spent on verifying the new patient. This will minimize the loopholes in the process and combat insurance/payment fraud. 

Onboard Efficiently

Make it easy for patients to complete the verification process in a timely way. Slow KYC verification and friction involved in onboarding can create room for identity fraud. 

Reduce Payment Delays

E-bills and digital invoices require less time and effort to get prepared. With updated contact details filed in the patient’s account, you can avoid payment delays and reduce collection costs. 

Regular Follow-up

Have consistent follow-up on the patient’s accounts. Regularly check their personal details, information updates, and more. Determine the accuracy of data provided and keep patient fraud at bay. 

Regulatory Standards Compliant

Stay compliant with your industry-related regulatory standards – HIPAA, HITECH, CLIA, and more. Form online trust among patients and grow your customer base rapidly. Build reputation and ensure patients that you protect their personal data securely. 

Deter Insurance Fraud

Using a victim’s medical ID to get benefits of medical insurance is the most common fraud experienced in healthcare. Check every patient you onboard, monitor constantly, protect their identity and prevent fraudulent claims efficiently. 

Age Verification

Make sure that you are not providing prescriptions to the underage patient. Get age verification of your patient done, authenticate their government-issued ID documents, and verify the patient accurately. 

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